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Transparency in Legislation

SenatorStandridge believes that Oklahomans should be able to search Oklahoma legislation quickly and efficiently, and that today’s legislative process should be as transparent as technologically possible.

If you are new to the process, the place to start is by clicking “Reference: Finding Legislation.” The link contains an instructional video and helpful tips on how to research legislation by keyword, author, committee, bill number, subject matter, etc.

If you wish to track Oklahoma legislation (follow the progression of specific bills through the legislative process), there are two very efficient ways to do that:


Get email notifications about legislation you are tracking from LENS. Sign up with your email address and password, activate your account (easy to overlook this step), and then input the House and/or Senate bills that you are tracking. Once you have successfully completed the activation process, you will automatically start to receive email notifications whenever something legislative happens to those bills. Very, very cool.

Bill Tracking Reports

Bill Tracking Reports allows you to generate reports about legislation. You can generate a report of all the bills authored by a certain legislator, for example. Or see all the bills that have been assigned to a specific committee.

Personal Bill Tracking allows you to generate a report by inputting bills by number. This is helpful if you are following bills which may not be all by the same author or found in the same committee, for example.

Note that it is easy to overlook the “Selected Step Reports” and “Conference” blue-colored tabs under the default Bill Tracking Report tab — but they are invaluable and quick ways to generate reports as well.

The really neat thing about these reports is that they contain hyperlinks to the bills with related information. Build a report — copy and paste into a Word or Excel document, save that to your computer – and then you are able to check on the status of any bill simply by clicking on their hyperlinks. The hyperlink will take you to the bill language, history, amendments, summary, versions, votes, etc.


Sessions in Review

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