Page Program

The Senate Page Program is for Oklahoma high school students in grades 11/12 who are at least 16 years old.

A page must be sponsored by a State Senator. Each Senator has a limited number of page appointments for the legislative session. Interested students should contact their State Senator to express their interest in serving as pages for the Oklahoma State Senate. Each Senator’s office has its own criteria for selection. Specific questions about the qualifications can be directed directly to the Executive Assistant in the Senator’s office. If you are interested in serving as a page for Senator Standridge, please contact Susan Wallace or call 405.521.5535 for more details.

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Students must be a minimum of 16 years old and enrolled in an Oklahoma secondary school as a 11th or 12th grade student, be home schooled at the equivalent enrollment level, or be a foreign exchange student at the equivalent enrollment.

Page Expenses

Hotel expenses (room charges only) are paid by the Senate. Students are responsible for all meals and evening activity expenses.


Pages may commute or lodge at the page hotel, which is the Courtyard by Marriott Oklahoma City Downtown, located at 2 West Reno. All pages meeting the age and grade requirements are eligible to lodge, regardless of where they reside.

Evening Activities

Participation in evening activities is mandatory for pages who lodge. However, pages may arrange in advance to be excused for school- or church-sponsored activities only. Pages who commute are invited to join in the evening activities, but arrangements must be made in advance with the page staff.

Page Packets

A personalized packet of information will be mailed to the parents/guardians of each appointee at least two weeks in advance of the service period. The packet contains instructions regarding dress code, arrival and departure times, page protocol, hotel information for pages who lodge, and parking information for pages that commute. Parental permission and release forms pertaining automobile usage, transport liability and emergency medical treatment are also in the packet and must be completed and signed by the parent and the page. The forms are to be given to the page staff upon arrival at either the Capitol or the page hotel (do not mail them in).

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