Rob Standridge

Standridge, Rob - 340An entrepreneur at heart, Rob Standridge began his passion for small business in grade school when he went door to door throughout Midwest City selling anything he could sell. By the fifth grade, Rob was one of the top selling Grit newspaper boys in the state. Rob owes his passion for work to his father, Bob Standridge, who sold Prudential insurance for forty years in the Oklahoma City and Norman areas.

Unsure of college, Rob became an EMT in 1985 and also operated a landscaping company which he kept until he graduated college. According to his parents, Rob was the first in his family to graduate college.

Rob earned his Bachelor’s degree in pharmacy from the University of Oklahoma in 1993, but more importantly, he met and married his wife Lisa Idleman while working as a pharmacy intern at Noble Pharmacy. Rob and Lisa are not only husband and wife, they have also been partners in several business ventures over the years.

In 1995 while on a Sunday drive, Rob discovered a small pharmacy going out of business in Blanchard. Rob convinced the owner to keep the store open a few weeks while he tried to obtain the money to purchase the store. With the help of Michael Dillinger at First American bank in Purcell, Rob was able to obtain an SBA loan for 80% of the business and carried the remainder with the current owner. Lisa kept her job at another pharmacy which paid the bills at home and helped fund the first year of their new venture. This Blanchard pharmacy would become Blanchard Drug & Gift, which allowed Rob and Lisa not only the opportunity to own a growing business, but also the opportunity to meet all the great people of Blanchard, a community that Rob and Lisa loved instantly.

A year later Rob expanded the Blanchard pharmacy into one of the first interactive online pharmacies, Cyber Pharmacy. In 2005, Cyber Pharmacy would be transformed into Legend Care Pharmacy, a pharmacy specializing in the care and treatment of juveniles and the mentally disabled across the state.

A few years after acquiring Blanchard Drug & Gift, Rob was told by a friend in Amarillo that if he could deliver a software program for managing compounding pharmacy, the friend could sell ten copies a month. Between mid-1997 and January 1999, Rob taught himself to write computer programs and produced the requested program, called Compound Assist. Since that time, Rob has written a number of software programs, including a complete pharmacy management system which is used throughout the country.

Rob’s most recent business venture was a startup technology and equipment company for pharmacies, called Health Engineering Systems (HES). HES has a number of products for pharmacy, including a line of mixing equipment that is sold throughout North and South America.

Next to his love for his family, Rob has a great love for his church. Rob feels very blessed to be a part of Crosspointe Church. Over the years, Rob has become increasingly involved in the church where he has volunteered several years in the youth ministry, teaching Wednesday night classes, and serving on several committees. With several other friends, Rob also founded Business Leaders for Oklahoma which meets at the church. Rob and Lisa have been blessed with many great friends they have met while attending Crosspointe.

Rob and Lisa, who graduated with a pharmacy degree from the University of Oklahoma in 1995, were married in 1992. After many years believing they were not meant to have children (including various procedures and three in vitro fertilizations), they are now blessed with two beautiful girls, Holly Elizabeth and Harper Elaine.

Rob belongs to a number of pharmacy organizations, is a member of the Blanchard and Norman Chambers, a Sooner Centurion, a Rotarian, former Boy Scout, member of Toastmasters, member of several aviation organizations, founder of Business Leaders for Oklahoma, member of various business leader clubs, speaks around the country on pharmacy and technology at various health conferences and meetings, and strives to give back to the communities to which he owes so much.

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