Each year, Community Christian School in Norman brings their 4th graders to the Capitol for a tour and mock legislative session.  This year, Mrs. Cara King, Mrs. Melanie Randolph and Mrs. Tammie Snow brought 48 enthusiastic students along with many parents.  We met in the Senate Assembly Room.  Prior to their arrival, 10 students were chosen to be on the ‘Education Committee’.  The Chairwoman of the committee authored a bill that would require all Oklahoma schools to reduce their school week to 4 days.  Once the bill passed out of committee, all Senators began debate on the Senate floor.  It was lively and thoughtful.

Surprisingly, the bill failed because it would have reduced the school year by 36 days.  Those days are needed for all their required  studies because otherwise they would have too much homework to get their lessons  accomplished.  Also, they would no longer have pizza day.

This is always a fun learning experience.  I would be happy to host any school in my district that would like their students to have a working knowledge of how government works.  Call my office for more information.  521 5535


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