The state Senate on Tuesday approved legislation that would prohibit the use of welfare cash cards in strip clubs, liquor stores, and casinos. Authored by Sen. Rob Standridge, Senate Bill 667 would help ensure public assistance is ultimately being used to support families and children who need it most.

“If the funding distributed through programs like TANF is not being used to support families in need, then it is not serving its purpose,” said Standridge, R-Norman. “Additionally, if those funds are being used to subsidize harmful behaviors, they can compound the problems faced by struggling families. These programs have the potential to provide a critical safety net for those in need, but only if there are reasonable restrictions for the use of the funding.”

Approved by a vote of 46-0, SB 667 now advances to the House for consideration.

“Public assistance through programs like TANF can make a huge difference for families in transition,” said Standridge. “These funds can make all the difference for children who might otherwise be forced to go without meals or shelter. This tragic scenario is exactly what I am trying to prevent through this legislation.”

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