If anyone questions the real purpose of legislation like this, they need do no more than look at the debate on this same bill back in 2021. Here is a link to that debate, and should begin where I find all the indicators in this bill that show without question that it is a bill for illegals voting not driving:


Just as a reference here are some of the items covered in this debate:

  • Voter registration applications only require a driver’s license number – they do not require a social security number – the author is clearly being dishonest here, even after I walk one of these forms over to his desk.
  • The author claims that in order for an illegal to use their driver’s license number on the voter registration form they would have to commit perjury, implying somehow that someone here illegally would surely not do this – this is ridiculous and it shows the dishonesty of those trying to game our voting system here in Oklahoma.
  • The only safeguard on using an illegal alien drivers license number on the voter registration application is an audit performed monthly by the state election board
    • According to the bill here is how this would work:
      • The illegal alien fills out the voter registration card using their illegal alien drivers license number
      • Service Oklahoma sends over any new illegal alien drivers license numbers every month
      • The election board then compares the new voter registration with the list of illegal alien drivers license numbers that were sent over and flags any matches
      • HOWEVER: The bill specifically says that the election board will not keep the illegal alien drivers license numbers for future comparisons/audits – THIS MEANS that all an illegal alien would need do is get a drivers license one month and then wait several months before applying for a voter registration. By that time their illegal alien drivers license number will be wiped from the election board system
  • The author would never admit that a voter is not required to provide a picture ID when they vote – even though this was confirmed by the election board during the debate – FACT CHECK – in Oklahoma a voter can vote by presenting the voter registration card which does not contain a picture.

There is absolutely no doubt in my mind what this legislation is for, and the fact that the Oklahoma Senate continually hears this legislation while at the same time constantly killing conservative legislation should tell voters a lot about those that they are voting for. Is the leftist move to allow illegal aliens to vote and destroy our country more important then censoring porn from our children, or stopping racist and discriminatory DEI in our institutions of higher learning – as appalling as it sounds to those in charge it evidently is.

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