I know I have been a little delayed in getting my first book published, but I have been working on artwork, struggling over the title, and the million other things that occupy our lives. That being said, after much thought and prayer, I am changing the title back to the original and working title, 2084 – Trump & the Bill of Freedoms.

I think this title, 2084, is the best to allow the reader or the person considering reading the book, a quick thought of what the book might be about. Unfortunately, after testing the second title I had chosen, Hero Orphan, the responses I received did not make me feel confident that the reader would have any idea what the book was about. I had changed the title from 2084 to Hero Orphan, as there were a number of books and movies by the title, 2084, but I am now convinced that regardless 2084 is the right title.

I will post an image of the cover art today as well. Also have some images for some characters but will probably hold off on those for a while.

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