2014 Senate Review

Senate Update from Sen. Rob Standridge; week of 5/12-16

  On Monday, the House Conference Committee on Utility and Environmental Regulation heard amendments to my proposal to encourage water districts and municipalities to undertake water reuse projects. Earlier in the session, committees removed a provision requiring the Department of Environmental Quality to approve or deny permit applications within 90 days.  For many cities and […]

Senate Update from Sen. Rob Standridge; 5/19-23

  The 2014 legislative session has come to an end.  In the final weeks of the session we forged an agreement that balances Oklahoma’s budget in the midst of a $188 million shortfall. Our budget provides important funding increases for education and pay increases for high-need state employees like front-line corrections workers and state troopers. […]

Senate Update from Sen. Rob Standridge; May 5-8

  With just three weeks remaining in this year’s legislative session, conference committees will soon begin to meet as we attempt to reach compromise on legislation.  Budget negotiations have begun in earnest, as legislative leaders and the governor must reach an agreement in principal on the state’s fiscal year 2015 budget prior to the Legislature’s […]

Senate Review by Sen. Standridge April 28-May1

A number of proposals I authored or sponsored advanced in the Legislature this week, and several were signed into law by the governor.  Senate Bill 1143 was approved unanimously by the full Senate this week and will advance to the governor’s desk.  The bill would require that public schools give students the opportunity to recite […]

Senate Update by Sen. Standridge for week of 4/21

I’m very pleased that the House of Representatives this week gave final approval to my proposal to require that public schools give students the opportunity to recite the pledge of allegiance each school day.  Senate Bill 1143 is a proposal that underscores the value of the pledge as a tradition, and an act that brings […]