2015 Senate Summation

2015 Senate Session Overview

 Budget We believe we have delivered a fiscally responsible budget that includes strategic spending cuts and much-needed apportionment reform The Senate this year emphasized a more comprehensive examination of state spending to identify efficiencies, and structural reforms to give the Legislature greater flexibility in the appropriations process We also met with state agencies for months […]

2015 Senate Summation – week 5

WEEK 5 – 2015: The full Senate has advanced Sen. Bingman’s incentive review proposals. Senate Bills 806 and 815 would establish a process to provide lawmakers with independent evaluations of economic incentives, and a clear picture of those that encourage growth and those that do not. It’s time for us to give greater scrutiny to […]

2015 Senate Summation – week 1

Session begins, Fallin delivers State of the State address Senate The Senate filed a total of 814 bills and 32 joint resolutions. The Senate just finished the first of its four weeks of committee work. As expected, committee work was light in the first week of session, and will pick up considerably in the coming […]

2015 Senate Summation – week 2

Bugdet reform bill clears Senate committee SJR 30 would send to a vote of the people a proposal to dedicate every other legislative year exclusively to drafting the state’s budget This reform would bring increased transparency and scrutiny to the budget process Crafting the state’s budget is one of our most important responsibilities, and this […]