2016 Senate Summation

2016 Senate Summation – week 8

March 21-23 EDUCATION AND CORRECTIONS SUPPLEMENTAL The governor this week signed into law the legislation providing supplemental funding for common education and corrections The Senate quickly acted on the supplemental request after an agreement was reached with the House and governor’s office $51 million for EDU and $27.5 million for CORRECTIONS Supplemental funds helps the […]

2016 Senate Summation – week 7

March 16, 2016  EDUCATION AND CORRECTIONS SUPPLEMENTAL The Senate this week unanimously approved supplemental funding for common education and corrections We are leading the way and were the first to act on these important issues $51 million for EDU $27.5 million for CORRECTIONS This amount from the Rainy Day Funds helps the agencies weather the […]

2016 Senate Summation – week 6

March 10, 2016  DEADLINE WEEK: The Senate continues to lead the discussion of real reforms at the Capitol. The full Senate approved: 273 bills The House approved 296 bills   EDUCATION AND CORRECTIONS SUPPLEMENTAL We’re not taking this issue lightly. We understand next year’s budget situation could be worse But the Rainy Day Fund is […]

2016 Senate Summation – week 5

March 3, 2016  BUDGET and TAXES Senate leadership has been warning for months of the severity of the budget crisis, and that it’s likely to get even worse Today’s revenue numbers from OMES are proving us right – and we can’t even be sure that we’re yet seeing the bottom of this financial cliff. The […]

2016 Senate Summation – Week 4

February 25, 2016  BUDGET and TAXES This week was the deadline for Senate bills to make it out of committee to the full Senate. Among the measures headed to the Senate are a variety of options to help us deal with the $1.3 billion budget crisis The Senate Republican Caucus (SRC) is taking a look […]