OKLAHOMA CITY – Sen. Rob Standridge, R-Norman, released the following statement Thursday regarding the terrorist attacks on Israel.

“Our hearts go out to the nation of Israel and her people, who have been attacked by the cowardly Hamas regime, and to our local Jewish communities who are also suffering. As a state and nation, we cannot and should not sit idly by as innocent lives are destroyed by an organization whose sole stated purpose has been to destroy the State of Israel. The fact that they struck during the observance of the Jewish Sabbath and celebration of the Sukkoth holiday further demonstrates their complete disregard for human life or decency. This brutal and unprecedented attack must be met with the full force of our nation’s military.

“It’s imperative that Oklahomans and Americans alike recognize the high level of logistical sophistication demonstrated in this terrorist operation that could only be possible through funding and support from other foreign state sponsors of terror, specifically Iran. It seems too coincidental that last month, President Biden paid the Iranian government $6 billion in exchange for five American hostages—money that no doubt has helped fund this brutal attack that has taken hundreds of innocent lives. It’s a glaring sign of weakness for our country and an open invitation to terrorists globally that such continued violence will be rewarded. This is exactly why strong leaders, like Presidents Reagan and Trump, refused to negotiate with terrorists, and coincidentally are the only two presidents in recent history who didn’t start wars during their terms. They showed the world tremendous strength, and we need that now.

“We want our friends in Israel and the Jewish community to know that we stand with them and they have Oklahoma’s unwavering commitment. We must also all remain vigilant in protecting those Israeli Americans, Jewish Americans, and all supporters of Israel in our local communities from unlawful discrimination or acts of violence. We must stand united during this dark time until peace and justice is restored.”

-END-For more information, contact:  Sen. Standridge: (405) 521-5535 or Rob.Standridge@oksenate.gov

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