OKLAHOMA CITY – State Sen. Rob Standridge, R-Norman, is calling on the Oklahoma Republican Party to join him in denouncing the recent indictment of 45th President Donald J. Trump. 

“Oklahoma’s GOP is dedicated to upholding equal justice for all and the rule of law, as well as restoring faith in our Constitutional Republic,” Standridge said.  “I’m calling on the leadership of our party to denounce the unjust persecution as well as the circumstances surrounding President Trump’s indictment.”

Standridge called on the GOP to condemn the weaponization of the American justice system against political opponents of the current administration.

“What’s happening is a travesty, and we need to unite against those seeking to exploit the judicial system to achieve their political ends,” Standridge said. “The Republican Party and all like-minded Oklahomans must unequivocally stand against this political persecution.”

-END-For more information, contact:  Sen. Rob Standridge at 405-521-5535 or email Rob.Standridge@oksenate.gov.

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