Oklahoma State Senator Rob Standridge (R-Norman) today announced his official endorsement of Donald J. Trump for President of the United States. 

“My endorsement for President Trump to return to the White House is a no-brainer,” Senator Standridge said. “The most obvious reason is that everyone’s lives were better, and everyone’s bank account was fuller, when Donald Trump was President. Under the current administration, we have suffered through three years of failure on the economy, border security, and public safety. I’m calling on every law-abiding citizen in Oklahoma to rally behind President Trump so we can return to the greatness of just a few years ago.”

Standridge, a three-term Senator, has championed conservative causes while working to limit the size of government, lower taxes, and stop the leftist indoctrination of school children. Standridge was one of only four Senators who voted against the largest tax increase in state history in 2018. He sees four more years of a Biden administration as an existential threat to the country.

“From Stalin to Hitler to Mao, we have witnessed ruthless tyrants eliminate their enemies to stay in power,” said Standridge. “When a regime abuses the criminal justice system to imprison the leader of their political opposition, that is known as a dictatorship. Joe Biden’s administration has hijacked our justice system to persecute his rivals while shielding himself and his family from legitimate criminal investigations. When people in power behave with this level of impunity, it doesn’t matter if you are conservative or liberal, no one is safe in a police state.”

Senator Standridge has served eleven years in the Oklahoma State Senate, the majority of that time as the Majority Whip. When he’s not serving his constituents at the Capitol, Standridge works as a pharmacist, lawyer, and business owner. 

Senator Standridge’s full statement can be found on his Facebook page and his website.  

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